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and currently working on the best garage playlist ever.  Unfortunately Spotify does not understand the importance of UK garage and its chat in this area is weak. Cue reams of youtube vids, but then again might give you the full … Continue reading

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In The Woods 2011 – Hog Special

This is the hog report for In The Woods 2011. Both hoggies were very dear to me and, I’m sure, many other attendees of ITW. As well as burgers and veggie curry there was a hog roast. My hog roast experience … Continue reading

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I’ve seen some excellent things

I feel these guys are good role models for the band. Her… not so much.

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Britney’s trying to slot herself into pop culture…

by stuffing in as many references as she can think of? All the ones I could spot are below Rihanna – mouse skull on tshirt Avril Lavigne – streak extensions* The weird guy in the car – Rebecca Blacks rapping … Continue reading

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Naming the band

Greg, Dave and me do music together! Gav is also present in the words. We need a name, heres the thoughts list: leopard two piece tiger two piece sub pro ruby and bob (thats a joke cos people will think … Continue reading

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