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I am a girl who likes mint tea.


and currently working on the best garage playlist ever.  Unfortunately Spotify does not understand the importance of UK garage and its chat in this area is weak. Cue reams of youtube vids, but then again might give you the full … Continue reading

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Here’s my piece for the Guardian

(that I didn’t submit and that didn’t get published) The best music biopic (in my opinion) has got to be The Karen Carpenter Story. Now don’t let the fact that it’s a made for TV movie fool you! Take a … Continue reading

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Maximum Dressings

I’ve been longing (geddit?) for a maxi dress for ages. It seemed like with this magical piece of robe all my clothing problems would be solved. Oh how right I was… The morning of the first go I spent half … Continue reading

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Mock Duck day 2011

So it happened. We bought a can of mock duck. We opened it. We put it in our mouths. Tastiness ensued. Yes the mock duck tasted good*. Look at our faces, that is a look of succulence. We are The … Continue reading

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I feel like the angle of his glasses today

Kind of. Ok, I just needed an excuse to post this video. HOW TASTY IS IT.  He does not give an excuse for eating canned chicken, he needs an excuse. In the name of love, science, whatever. Oh or money. … Continue reading

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Pumpkin pie

Here is the recipe for pumpkin pie, incase you did not know it I’ve just eaten this, its interesting. I imagine the recipe is left over from the war, since its a random fruit (seeds yeah?) that isn’t particularly sweet, … Continue reading

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Things that happened in life #1

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