Here’s my piece for the Guardian

(that I didn’t submit and that didn’t get published)

The best music biopic (in my opinion) has got to be The Karen Carpenter Story. Now don’t let the fact that it’s a made for TV movie fool you! Take a smalltown girl with a natural talent and oh hiya, a brother with natural talent! Early on Karen’s thoughts about food are outlined because lets face it, NO ONE KNOWS WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. Before we know it they’re top of the charts and singing their way to Tokyo and back with a kimono Agnes hates. Despite its sad ending, theres something about the soft focus and fresh faced actors that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Karen pumping iron in her fringed sweat jumper. Richard grey eyed staring at the TV set. Agnes’ frankly beautiful hair. The subject matter of this film is about as wholesome as tesco value thick sliced white, it won’t even touch the sides, and that’s why I love it. That and the fact they haven’t included Jambalaya. Probably for the best.


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I am a girl who likes mint tea.
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