Maximum Dressings

I’ve been longing (geddit?) for a maxi dress for ages. It seemed like with this magical piece of robe all my clothing problems would be solved. Oh how right I was…

The morning of the first go I spent half the time picking something to wear than I usually do as the maxi dress is half the clothes needed. I find this amazing, and it kind of made me want to wear maxi dresses all the time.

Needless to say I transferred this spare time not to making a sarnie for breakfast (starved till lunchtime then had lasagne), but to picking a pair of shoes to wear with it.

Its a bit narrow which makes it hard to walk in, but thats made up by it riding up to a midi level dress which means its doubling up! Yes that means I purchased 2 dresses for £6. Later found out it can go higher than the knee, but I’m not sure I’m on board with that.

Obviously, Britain being Britain and sods law etc, I dressed warmly and it then got hot and sunny. I wasn’t overheated just from being outside, but some heat decided to hide inside my dress and suddenly release itself the moment I sat down indoors.

All in all I am in love with my maxi dress, and at one point yesterday considered editing all my clothes to maxi dress format. Much in the same way as being 14 and editing all your jeans have to have a flare bigger than your waistline.

This post is from my tumblr Robin Gif’d Me A Dog, which is now dedicated to dog gifs @robin_bruce sends me.


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