Pumpkin pie

Here is the recipe for pumpkin pie, incase you did not know it

I’ve just eaten this, its interesting. I imagine the recipe is left over from the war, since its a random fruit (seeds yeah?) that isn’t particularly sweet, spiced up to not resemble a pumpkin at all. It came with cream on the top. A nice Canadian lady in my office made it. I asked for a small piece and she confirmed I’d like a sliver. Thats how authentic it was.

It tasted a bit like mince pies. Like the spicing and flavouring. The consistency was mushy. It was a strange combination. At times I wasn’t into it, but the bits with the cream in were particularly good.

Would I eat it again? Probably with more cream
Would I make it for Come Dine With me? No
Would I serve it to a child? Yes, and tell them it was made of candy (suckers)
Overall score: 5/10


About jmbmnanas

I am a girl who likes mint tea.
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One Response to Pumpkin pie

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