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Things that happened in life #1


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A bad sign

Sometimes, life is bad. Like it pummels lemons at your face for some reason. Then you try to make lemonade but you can’t find your power juicer and Jack Lalanne died so he cant tow a buggy with his wife … Continue reading

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Mock duck: an artistic response

Today I discovered a little something called mock duck. Its fake duck made out of gluten. It incldues very realistic duck skin. I’m tellin ya I’d be FOOLED. This is my artistic response to mock duck, and a precursory post … Continue reading

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In The Woods 2011 – Hog Special

This is the hog report for In The Woods 2011. Both hoggies were very dear to me and, I’m sure, many other attendees of ITW. As well as burgers and veggie curry there was a hog roast. My hog roast experience … Continue reading

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