Butterhood Childhood

As I needlessly dug out the butter for my lunches  side toast I started to think about my relationship with butter.

Why as a child was  I not allowed to dig into the butter? Or for that matter why did we never have real butter? (I say butter, I mean butteresque product.)

REAL Butter is one of my fave things, it now feels like a guilty pleasure as I dont remember having real butter when growing up.

Lurpak is the best. its savoury and creamy and mmmmm  MORE.

At the moment I’ve got Kerrygold as the lazyshop did not have Lurpak. Tbh Kerrygold tastes too much like plain cream but it did not stop me digging it out. This is after 5 slices of toast (not all eaten at once)

That is not natural! Some digging is required (not the butter), as somewhere along the way this has resulted in my adult butter relationship being slightly skewed. Heres a wee Q and A with my mum…

What kind of butter / spread did you buy when i was growing up?
We used to use Flora

Did you ever buy real butter? if not, why?
I didn’t buy real butter because it’s hard and you couldn’t spread it easily.
 The times they are a’changing ma, spreadable real butter IS NOW AVAILABLE

Did I ever ask for real butter?
I think you asked for butter after trying it at after school club and in your teens.

Why was i never allowed to dig the butter out?
Digging butter out is just gross…and I am sure not good for you.
Im not sure about he digging, as you can elegantly scrape the butter so it comes out nicely and the butter is left looking like an african plain but still get the same amount as digging.

Why is it gross?! You can have the same amount from scraping neatly off the top
Ok I think I got the wrong meaning for digging the butter I thought you meant with fingers. I can be a bit funny about diggin the butter and prefer it scraped…used to get quite bothered by it.

I think its this butter Hitler behaviour that has shaped my butter chat to what it is today. I love butter and my toast doesn’t feel right unless there are unmelted pieces of it nestling between the slices of toast. Though I don’t think I could beat James Martin’s love of butter. He adds several cubes of it to every dish he makes on Saturday Morning Kitchen.


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I am a girl who likes mint tea.
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One Response to Butterhood Childhood

  1. Claudia says:

    lol butter Hitler behaviour indeed xxx

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