Is the food puke?

Usually come lunchtime I’m bored as fuck and eating is the general highlight of the day.

Today I thought I’d try something different like not being a pig, so decided to chew my food properly but I didn’t know how! GOOGLETIME.

According to Healthy New Age we need to chew our food 35 times. Here are the tips:

  1. When you take a bite chew it 35 times. Next time you eat note how many times you chew before swallowing. If you are like most people it is around ten times. See if you can increase each bite to thirty-five times and notice how much more flavor you register along with how much more satisfied your feel after a meal. You will also find you eat less because you get satisfied more quickly.
  2. Take a moment between each bite to rest. You may even try setting your fork on the table between bites and take a moment to consciously register what you are eating, along with appreciating the foods flavor. By eating slower you also increase your weight loss efforts.
  3. Drink a sip of water. You don’t want to drink huge amounts of water when eating or you lessen the effects of your digestive juices. However small sips between each bite of food prepare you for the next taste sensation.
  4. Notice the texture and smell of your food. Food has an aroma that also helps the body feel satisfied. And texture offers the tongue an opportunity to be conscious of chewing until your food changes to a state where you are utilizing the nutrients and the food is easy to swallow.

Try it yeah? Yeah ok! Chew chew chew. (Tbh im not looking to lose weight it just happens to mention that a lot.)

Points that need addressing

  1. I’m not sure more flavour was registered (for the record I had curry goat w/ rice and peas). It was definitely more spicy chews 10-20. But chews 20-35 just tasted like slop.
  2. Putting the fork down does help you eat slower, which was also a goal as I’m like yeeeah lunch don’t have to work, then end up eating for 15 mins and having to answer the phone again.
  3. I sipped the water. I prepared for the next taste sensation. But obviously it was like the last taste sensation, especially because half the time it just tasted like spit.
  4. My nutrients arent utilized. The food is already puke. Is the food puke?

My conclusion is chewing more = your food becomes sloppier and spittier, which is why you feel fuller.

Its like you’re eating your own puke before it becomes pukesque. You make it puke in your mouth. Does that make it more likely for you to throw up?

I feel kind of sick now.



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I am a girl who likes mint tea.
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    1. Sick
    2. Ham
    3. Alien jizz.

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