Naming the band

Greg, Dave and me do music together! Gav is also present in the words. We need a name, heres the thoughts list:

  • leopard two piece
  • tiger two piece
  • sub pro
  • ruby and bob (thats a joke cos people will think theres a ruby and bob in the band, but there isnt! hahahahahahhaha)
  • pakora pack
  • pakora piece
  • weavewatch
  • i dont beweave it
  • alien cumshot
  • Sam Beacoup
  • check head size
  • free potatoes
  • you can never have too many potatoes / ycnhtmp
  • PO•TA•TO
  • sloe
  • sloe poke
  • attaboy
  • titans of the industry
  • golden boy
As you can see we havent hit the peak yet so please feel free to comment and add new suggestions and tips and stuff! Thanks!

About jmbmnanas

I am a girl who likes mint tea.
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11 Responses to Naming the band

  1. are these joke suggestions?

  2. touchtheface says:

    some of them are, like alien cumshot. though it brings an interesting mental image

  3. Bitsofbobs says:

    Wet patch, foreign object, obvious twist, spare seat, pogo, just short and broken dials. If in doubt look at the names of horses/dogs at the races. My money is on wet patch.

    • touchtheface says:

      Thanks,good tip! I was looking at cocktails,that’s what alien cumshot was haha. Wet patch is good,don’t think its allowed to be rude tho 😦

  4. touchtheface says:

    todays addition: Fantasy Leg Braces

  5. America Crick Neck

    (inspired by macca)

  6. jmbmnanas says:

    Leisure and Belafonte also added. Greg had some more, one about Vijay

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